Creative Film Making For Your Brand

Video is the perfect medium for any business or brand who want to connect with their audience in order to boost brand awareness and increase sales.
Every brand has a story to tell and we believe that story is king.
It helps you make an emotional connection with your community that will capture their imaginations and place you at the forefront of your market.

At ERD Visual media, we know that emotions drive actions, so through beautifully crafted, cinematic visuals and meaningful story telling, our aim is to hit your customer base right in the feels!
We have an open and professional approach to working with our clients, and forming personable and friendly relationships helps us understand your needs and your goals.

Every commercial video production that we take on is a chance for us to do what we love and a chance for us to help another brand achieve their marketing goals, so if you’re planning a commercial video project, then we’d love to talk to you.